The Bloomington Township Public Water District was formed in 1967 to provide water service to the unincorporated areas lying to the south, west and east of the City of Bloomington. It took many years to get to the point that BTPWD actually distributed water to the first customers. The district negotiated with the City of Bloomington for about five years, trying to work out a way to purchase water. In March, 1970, a flat refusal to supply water came from the city council. But with the change in the council makeup in 1973, another request came from the district. And in January, 1975, a contract between the two bodies was approved. Although intended to serve areas to the south, west and east, water service was originally only supplied to the area west of Bloomington. The “West Phase” was built with a loan of $365,000 and a grant of $355,000 from the federal Farmers Home Administration (FmHA). The low-interest loan was to be repaid by revenue from the water sales. Approximately $20,000 of the cost came from the homeowners in that area who used the system. Approximately 220 users signed up in the area to create the Bloomington Township Public Water District. There are now over 980 users.


This West Phase service area receives its water from the City of Bloomington Public Water Supply via a master meter and control valve vault located at the Route 9 and Route 150 interchange. The City of Bloomington draws its water from two surface water supply reservoirs and is treated at the Lake Bloomington Water Treatment Facility. No additional treatment of the finished water purchased from the City of Bloomington is performed by the BTPWD for this service area. The water is distributed via 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch PVC mains to residential customers. Residential service taps consist predominantly of small diameter (3/4”-2”) copper or polyethelene pipes. Water storage is provided by a 100,000 gallon elevated steel tank (constructed in 1977). Average pressure in the distribution system is 60 psi. Flushing of the distribution mains and operation of the system hydrants and valves is performed annually.


In 2000, a water main was constructed from the City of Bloomington to the Crestwicke area through a low-interest loan program. The wells were disconnected at that time.


In 2005, BTPWD utilized its statutory powers to become a sanitary sewer waste collector. Future subdivisions within the BTPWD Crestwicke area will be able to connect to the Bloomington Normal Water Reclamation District sewer line running through Crestwicke Country Club. Existing homeowners can also connect to the system as septic systems in various neighborhoods wear out. The users, not BTPWD, must pay all construction costs for the sewer service.


Board of Trustees

William Friedrich (Chairman)

Tom Husek (Vice Chairman)

Robert Foy

Mike Kirk

Jeff Wilcox

David Baugh

Randy Olds